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How does the practice timer work?

The time elapsed counter is a practice timer that tracks the actual amount of time a child spends working on IXL skills. If a child navigates away from the practice screen to uncover a prize or search for a new skill, the timer does not record that as practice time. Also, when inactivity is detected during skill practice, the timer pauses. It resumes when the child starts practising again. You can rely on the timer to be an accurate measure of IXL practice!

Additionally, all of the information from the timer is available to you in Analytics. For instance, you can check out the Usage details report to see how much time your child spent practising in just the last week or over the last month.

If the timer is too distracting for your child, it can be hidden, and IXL will still track practice time from behind the scenes. For more information, please read Can I hide the timer?